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December 19, 2018

Who did it best? Our favourite Christmas Adverts from 2018!

Written By Madeleine Kirk
5 mins

Christmas adverts have become a big part of the festive season with consumers up and down the UK waiting to see who will come top of the charts for the Christmas advert of the year. As consumers, we always anticipate Christmas campaigns from the bigger companies to be the most impressive. This year, there were some campaigns that we weren’t expecting, one hashtag that sums up the surprising hit; #pluglife.     


M&S have taken their Christmas advert country wide, travelling the length and breadth to ask the nation what their M&S favourite Christmas favourite is. M&S travelled in a little van in order to ask consumers to pick their #MyMarksFave for their Christmas dinner table.    


Last years advert was produced to compete for air space with the likes of M&S and John Lewis, centered around a couple in New York City. In contrast, this year, Apple has opted for an animated Christmas advert featuring a young girl too afraid to show her talent to the world. It is her dog that sets her creativity free by opening the window, with all of her papers flying onto the streets. The 3-minute long advert comes to an end when her work finds itself in the hands of everyone around her. So the moral of the story; share your gift with people around you as you don’t know what to expect. 


Last year’s BBC animated Christmas advert touched the hearts of the nation with a dancing daughter and her busy dad. This year, BBC One are hoping to encourage people to “cherish time loved ones” this Christmas with their short film; Wonderland. The film follows a teenage boy and his busy family, with himself and his mum unable to spend much time together, but everything changes during one afternoon. The underlying message throughout the advert is bringing people together. Drawing upon the importance of quality time during the festive period, time appears to almost stand still, allowing people to escape distractions of everyday life to spend quality time with loved ones.             


This Christmas, Huawei launches StorySign to help deaf children learn to read. The app features popular children’s books and once downloaded, a child simply holds the phone over a page and avatar, Star, will sign the story as the printed words are highlighted. As the child or parent hold their phone over words in the book, the avatar will sign the story, allowing children and their parents to read at their own pace.  The app was launched with a marketing campaign, starring Oscar award winning 10 year old actress Maisie Sly. On Christmas eve, the advert shows that she is struggling to read with her father. Later that night, she sneaks downstairs to peak at her presents and bumps into father Christmas, who later realises she is deaf. Santa then begins to sign the book to her. One of Huawei’s brand missions is to use ‘technology to extend what is humanly possible. In service of that we’re constantly looking for opportunities where tech can make a meaningful difference’. As Christmas is a time for spending time with loved ones, the advert sums of the Christmas spirit and has captured the hearts of the nation.



John Lewis (but not the retail store that we know) is the star in Twitter’s Christmas advert. This John Lewis is a lecturer in America who uses the Twitter handle @johnlewis. Each year, John Lewis, the man, receives thousands of tweets meant for John Lewis, the retailer, with the number being raised around the festive period. He has since become a star in his own right throughout social media with his witty responses to tweets that have been sent to him as a mistake. For this years festive advert, Twitter decided to make John Lewis (the man) the star of the advert, playing on his mistaken identity. This tongue-in-cheek advert is also accompanied by the hashtag #notaretailstore, which John Lewis the man uses in his profile description.    


From a drumming turkey, to dancing baubles and the now famous plug, this years, Sainsburys takes on a classic school nativity with a very modern twist. Commencing with a timid and shy young girl dressed as a star, stepping on stage on her own. Her confidence slowly starts to build, and its not long before she is belting out You Get What You Give; the New Radicals hit from the 90s. She is then joined on stage by an entire ensemble of all things festive; children dressed in odd Christmas elements, from tinsel to turkeys, to baubles and fairy lights. The shining star was probably the intended ‘star’ of the show, however, there was one unexpecting Christmas item that most definitely steals the show; Plug Boy!  


TK maxx

Over the past couple of years, TK Maxx have become renowned for their ‘Ridiculous Possibilities’ adverts, portraying the spontaneous and surprising nature of the shopping experience, instore and online.  This year, it was the turn of the quirky campaign featuring the Neverending Stocking’. The company is offering customers who find the neverending stocking gifts for an entire year. This is a highly experiential campaign with a real world activation for customers as they have to find the stocking nestled amongst things on shop shelves or in random places on their website.  The campaign brings to life TK Maxx’s brand message of ‘Big Gifts. Small Prices’, encouraging customers to go into stores, not only to hunt for the never ending stocking, but also highlighting TK Maxx is the perfect destination to find Christmas gifts and more.  

Save the children

Christmas Jumper Day has become a staple day in people’s calendars. However, this year, Save the Children are promoting annual Christmas Jumper Day with an advert reminding people to wear that they must be worn responsibly. To demonstrate why, the advert includes people who have not taking into consideration how appropriate wearing a Christmas jumper is. From spin class instructors to dentists, the campaign is running across the UK. Although there is some hilarity brought to the advert, seeing how much people embrace the fun of this annual event, there is still a strong underlying message to ‘please wear responsibly’.   


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