June 1, 2014

Email marketing: compelling reasons local businesses need to use it

Written By Martin Sandhu


Local businesses have many options available to them when it comes to marketing. Social media is popular, as is SEO, and the two can be highly effective when done properly. But there is one type of marketing that has been around for a long time and which can still play an essential role for local businesses: email marketing. 

Low-Cost Marketing Technique

Not all small local businesses have huge marketing budgets, and email marketing can therefore be useful because it is relatively cheap. The only real cost involved is the software you use to send out the emails, but this is often very affordable for small businesses and even people who are self-employed. The investment comes in the time needed to write the emails rather than the expense of running a campaign.

Communicate with Top Targets

With email marketing, you send out marketing emails to people who have already showed enough interest in your business to sign up to your list. That means you are directly reaching out to highly targeted individuals, making it more effective than other options like advertising in the press.

Increase Awareness of Short-Term Offers

When you want to advertise special offers that may only last a weekend or less, you can target your customers with emails. Many people regularly check their emails on their phones, making this an ideal way to reach them when they are out and about. For example, you could send out a coupon code that lasts 24 hours and hope to attract more people to your Nottingham store over the weekend as a result.

Target Customers Accurately

Email marketing allows you to set up email lists for different people depending on various factors. For example, you could send one email to people who have already made a purchase and another to people who joined your list before a certain date. You could target people based on their age, address, the products they have purchased or any other factor, allowing you to target them with greater accuracy.

Drive Direct Sales

Emails are a great way to drive direct sales from your website. Recipients can simply click on a link in your website to go straight to the product or special offer in question, making it an effective way to encourage impulse purchases.

Fine-Tune Your Campaign with Ease

Finally, email marketing often provides detailed statistics about open rates, click-through rates and more. You can use these stats to fine-tune your marketing and improve your campaign’s performance over time.

Set Up Your Own Email Marketing Campaign

It is easy to set up an email marketing campaign, and you could be up and running in days. In fact, the hardest thing is getting people to sign up to your list. Think about ways that you could encourage people to sign up, whether in your shop, on your website or via your social media pages, and slowly build your list. Then you can take advantage of this effective form of marketing that has so many benefits for local businesses.