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July 10, 2015

Wiimbledon 2015

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Here at Roller we love any excuse for a competition, especially if it involves sports. So in lieu of Wimbledon and our lack of an actual tennis court, we decided to hold a Roller 2015 Wiimbledon Championship.

So, we dusted off the remotes, found the disc, and put on the old favourite Wii Sports.


Round One

Kicking off the contest were Rebecca and Elliot. It was a tense first match, which came to a swift end when Elliot stormed ahead on points, and ultimately the win.

Second on the court were Ryan and Panos, and their match was energetic the say the least. It was Ryan who emerged victorious in the end, and with quite a substantial lead.

Then came a truly tense match between Developer Adam and Managing Director Martin. Adam took a risky career move by giving Martin no quarter and comfortably winning the match.

The fourth match of round one saw our resident tennis player Gemma, go up against Alex. Everyone was expecting a hasty victory from Gemma, however it was Alex who claimed the win and a place in the semi finals!


Semi Finals

Semi final number one saw Adam take on Elliot in an incredibly close match. However, Adams competitive side emerged and took over, winning him the match and a place in the Grand Final.

Semi final number two was just as close and tense as evenly matched Ryan and Alex played it, but after what felt like a lifetime it was Alex who walked away victorious and into the Grand Final.


The Grand Final

Complete silence fell over the office as the competitors took their place, and you could have cut the tension with a knife.
After an extremely close first match it was Alex who took the lead and held onto it during match two. Onlookers held their breath as during round three Adam looked set to make a spectacular comeback, but ultimately there could be only one champion…
and that title was firmly won by Alex after claiming all three matches!

Wiimbledon Winner Alex
Well done Alex, we’ll see you for a rematch next year!