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February 12, 2018

How Will Your Laptop Function In 2025?

Written By Nikki McCaig

‘What’s a computer?’ – Apple TV advert, 2018

Technology is advancing at a rate far beyond the imaginations of the original laptop developers. Starting from tower PCs, and evolving into handheld tablets, foldable laptops, and mobile phones large enough to be used as computers, the very definition of a ‘laptop’ is changing every day.Roller Laptops

But what can we expect from the laptops and PCs of the future? By 2025, will the concept of a laptop still exist, and what will be left of the machines we use today? There are many debates circling round the technological spheres about the next generation of office and personal machinery, and with so many predictions being put forth, we thought we would add our own suggestions to the discussion.

Voice Controlled Computers

With trackpads, styli and touch-screens making the function of a mouse almost obsolete, there’s an argument to suggest that keyboards and controls could be the next to go. The rise of voice activated home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home has introduced society to the possibilities of voice control, and with many computers already installing voice activation software for those with disabilities, this feature might soon be open to the public.

But is this the right solution for everyone? Being able to switch tabs, type an essay, open a browser, play video games, select music, and run programmes simply by speaking might be a technologically advanced bonus feature, but for many this isn’t a viable option. Though in private spaces at home, being able to control your computer with a simple word might be faster, in the office or workplace, or in public coffee shops and libraries, having all laptop users in the vicinity speaking to their machines might be a little overwhelming.

The Abolishment of Wires

Roller Laptops

Following the almost-extinction of the ethernet cable, and increasingly frequent moves towards an entirely wireless functionality on most portable devices, our predictions suggest that wires themselves will become entirely redundant in the new future. With the new iPhone 8 and X, wireless charging is making its way to the mainstream, and we’re likely to see more of these disconnected devices as technology progresses. Apple Earpods have already begun showcasing the possibilities of wireless headphones, meaning that the usual tangle of strings associated with portable music streaming has also lost its place. No more charger cables to trip over in cafes, no more USB wires lost in at the bottom of bags, and no more net of monitor leads grouping dangerously under office desks.  

There are also, of course, environmental advantages to reducing the amount of plastic wires produced and used daily, making this change one that many will be on board with.

Bye Bye Wifi Symbol

Roller Laptops New wifi hotspots are popping up everywhere we look, from public bathrooms and street food stalls to the once unreachable underground train. Society is beginning to reach a stage where the worries of ‘no connection’ are few and far between. So what does that mean for that iconic wifi symbol, sitting proudly at the top of our menu bar?

Well, even in a time where wifi-less locations are virtually non-existent, devices will still need to find the correct tnetwork to connect to, but the icon itself might be reduced to something a little more subtle in future. The search for wifi will also not be as big a part of our laptop functionality as connections will be made automatically, or at least fairly soon after the laptop is started – given the easy access to wifi that the future already predicts.

But even in situations where wifi is unattainable, a solution is likely to be provided. Some laptops, such as the HP ENVY X2, are already being built with e-SIMs that offer 4G/5G internet, wherever you go. Clear, uninterrupted internet connections are clearly a priority for developers right now, so by 2025, it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll all be on online, no matter where we are.

A Competition of Price

thought catalog 354861 - How Will Your Laptop Function In 2025?Following the unexpectedly steep pricing strategy of the new iPhone 8, it’s not hard to assume that the Apple products of 2025 are going to be of the higher end of the scale when it comes to laptops.

But as we’ve seen from competitors such as Google, HP and Lenovo, other manufacturers are more than happy to offer high quality products, for a much lower price point – meaning that the future could see a surprisingly competitive range of laptops being produced. Though it’s still fair to assume that Apple will be a popular choice for tech users by 2025, potential economic disruptions could foresee a surprising variation in supplier choice for the laptop users of the future.

Technological evolutions are an unavoidable part of the next 7 years, and though we might not be experiencing hand-controls or hover tablets by the time we reach 2025, the functions of our laptops will be all about accessibility, clear, uninterrupted wifi connections and elegant, wireless portability.