Will Smart Homes Catch On?
September 25, 2015

Will Smart Homes Catch On?

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Technology encroaches on every aspect of our lives making things easier, instant and improved. It seems like internet-based technology is everywhere, but not quite everywhere enough; there’s still one aspect of our technology abundant lives that has not yet felt the full force of high-tech living – our homes.

Well it seems like the Back to the Future II’s vision of what our homes will be like in 2015 may have been very accurate indeed, as this year we’ve seen a copious amount of smart home products flood the market.

Smart Homes at the minute

The concept of smart homes has been around for a while, and whether its out of laziness or a love of technology, smart homes occur when you have a range of household appliances, or devices, that can be controlled remotely, without having to interact with the appliance at all.

Right now, smart homes aren’t the everyday norm, and in fact, the ‘internet of things’ way of living hasn’t quite caught on. As expected of such a fresh market, the industry is currently being dominated by the big names, but even they’re having some popularity issues.

Of course, there’s a range of low budget, or crowd funded products too, and some of them are great (if not a little weird). There’s some wonderfully wacky tech around, like this smart pet feeder, and we’re sure you’ll join us in thinking this wireless meat thermometer is exactly the kind of smart product that’s needed.

If you’re serious about getting yourself a smart home, it might be worth putting your hopes in the established brands.


It’ll come as no surprise that Samsung are already all over smart home technology, and whether it’s popular or not, they look like they love it.

Samsung Smart Home Products

Samsung has a really comprehensive range of products for those who are serious about having a smart home. With a range of products to pick and choose from, a starter kit for the beginner, and a wide range of products for the truly tech savvy, Samsung have made sure everyone is covered.

These products will be able to tell you when there’s motion in your house, when someone returns home, and they’ll be able to set your kettle going before you’ve even got out of bed. They sound handy, but will they catch on?


Another big name in the smart home tech world, Nest.

Nest Smart Home Products

Nest don’t have as many products on offer as Samsung, but what they do have is more than enough to make your home a technology hub. Their main products are the Nest Cam, Thermostat and Smoke Detector, allowing you to control security and maintenance tasks for your home, without even being in it.

Nest is also compatible with a host of other products too, really making your home more connected. Nest can work with a variety of Whirlpool devices, Zuli smartplugs and Philips Hue products.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue BulbNow Philips Hue is worth a notable mention of it’s own, because who doesn’t want a light bulb that you can change the colour and brightness of without moving?

This is one aspect of smart homes that we can really see people enjoying.


We’re pretty sure you’ll have already heard of this lot and their smart home product, (even if it is only because you remember their advert with the cute cartoon elephant).

Hive Smart Home Products

At the minute Hive are known for their heating control solution which allows you turn your heating on, increase the heat, set timers and manage our hot water through an app, but there’s soon to be a a few new faces to the Hive family. In a bid to make your whole home connected by Hive, is this a sign that smart homes are getting more commonplace?

At this moment in time the jury is still out on smart homes and there seems to be only a few people investing in smart home technology. But there is one thing about smart homes for sure, and that is that they’re going to ignite the Internet of Things, and catch on eventually (it might just take longer than expected).

If you’re looking for some bluetooth integration for a device of your own, or you’re after an app, drop us an email, we’d love to get involved.