October 2, 2013

Your business is already mobile, whether you like it or not

Written By Martin Sandhu

The statistics surrounding mobile use are undeniably staggering:

  • the average person has their smartphone within reach 22 hours a day
  • by 2014 there’ll be more mobile phones on the planet than people
  • 41% of email is now opened on mobile devices
  • 42% of people look at electronic goods in-store before buying online from a different retailer


Despite this, some businesses still don’t have a mobile marketing strategy and some are still debating over whether they even need one. It’s no longer a question; companies need to have some sort of mobile strategy, because your business is already mobile!

Just because a business doesn’t have a strategy and hasn’t made any attempts to go mobile, doesn’t mean their customers aren’t reading your emails, searching for you and viewing your website on a mobile device. Without mobile efforts your current marketing strategy may be proving less impactful than it could be and you’re likely to be losing customers who are frustrated with a lack of easy mobile access.

Going mobile…
You don’t need to go ‘all out’ in order to satisfy those customers who’re already mobile. Creating an app is ideal for some businesses but certainly not every one. Adding aspects of mobile into your current marketing plan is the perfect way to begin your journey.

Email marketing
Most email marketing platforms now offer the option to create a mobile version. This might mean it will take you a little longer to create and test your campaigns but it is certainly worth the extra effort. More often than not emails are checked regularly on a mobile outside of office hours and if it’s a personal account you’re targeting, it’s probably very rarely read on any other type of device. An email not optimised for mobile can be almost impossible to read and isn’t likely to give the impression you were hoping for.

Responsive website
You don’t have to build an entirely new website in order to go mobile, once again this suits some businesses but not others. Creating a responsive website is often a much quicker and cheaper option; put simply a responsive site will adapt to the users screen size giving them the optimal browsing experience.

Social platforms
The now culture created by the internet and reinforced by mobile devices means purchasing decisions are made much quicker than ever before. So, if your customers are finding you via a mobile device they want to be able to get in touch with you, or find out more information quickly and simply. Linking up your social platforms and your website is the ideal way yo do this and often customers will go to Facebook or Twitter before attempting to call or email you.