This is Android

Take advantage of its diverse device range, flexible interface and customisable widgets.
Bring your app to life on Android.

Devices of All Sizes

The Android OS powers everything from phones to tablets, so you can reach a wider audience.

Devices of All Sizes

Expertly Developed

Our team of in-house Android developers will ensure your app reaches its full potential.

Expertly Developed

The User's Choice

Bring your app to the world's most popular OS, and natively build your app on Android.

The User's Choice

The Possibilities

Our experience in app development spans across a wide range of industries and sectors, from Healthcare to Marketing. Take your app to the next level by having it built natively on Android.

Our Experience

Building apps is what we do best, and no idea is too big, or too vague for the team here at Roller. Let us bring your idea to life.


Our team of Android developers target as many devices as possible. From Jellybean to Nougat we'll ensure your app is optimised for the widest range of users as is possible, utilising all aspects of Android's features.


Android's Google Fit collects all types of health data, including daily steps, calories burned, heart rate, and running speed. Connect your app to Google Fit to push and pull vital data and create a comprehensive, contextual view for your user.


Android isn't just for phones. From tablets to watches, Android's user base is vast. It's not just health and fitness that have a home on wearables, more and more business are taking their apps to wearables, and staying with their customers 24/7.

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