The hottest thing in wearable tech, right on your wrist.
Is it time for an Apple Watch app?

What is the Apple Watch?

Your App Anywhere

Be with your customers wherever they go. Your app will be right on the wrist of your target audience and in almost constant use.

Your App Anywhere

Endless Possibilities

Wrists aren't just for fitness trackers. Any industry can be on the cutting edge of tech with a wearable app optimised for the Apple Watch.

Endless Possibilities

Other Wearables

We aren't limited to the Apple Watch, we can build your app for any wearable, including the Pebble, Samsung Gear and Moto 360.

Other Wearables


Pregminder is one of our own projects, created with the intention of being a notification centre optimised for the Apple Watch. The app will act as a handy guide through pregnancy and as a reminder system.


Using wearable technology at its best Pregminder will synchronise with it's user, giving comprehensive reports on their baby's progress and notifying them of any tasks that need doing or medications that need taking.


Pregminder is currently in its final stages of development here at Roller, and is set for release later in the year. We expect Pregminder to be a very helpful app, showing the full potential of
wearable technology.

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