Introducing Beacon Technology

Connect with your customers on a whole new level.
Beacons use Bluetooth technology to detect nearby smartphones and send them adverts, vouchers or supplementary product information.

How does it work?

Beacons are small devices with an ARM processor and a Bluetooth module. Broadcasting signals and connecting with your app, making it perform a specific action when you want.
Cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive and SkyDrive can interact with beacons to provide more features, and the very latest information directly to your app and
your user.
Mobile devices with your app installed receive signals from beacons when in range, pushing special offers and product information or tracking the customer journey through your store.

Beacons in Action

Proximity notifications

Guide your customers on a journey through your store with proximity notifications. Using a number of beacons with a variety of messages will keep your customers engaged, and deliver them offers, products, maps and more. Push the best of what you have to offer, directly to their phone.

Targeted Marketing

Whether you're implementing a new marketing scheme, showing off a brand new product, or offering vouchers and incentives, your advertisements will come through as a notification on visitors phones. Personalise your marketing efforts by delivering them directly into the pocket of your customers.

Contactless Payment

Take advantage of the NFC that is already built into smartphones, and go contactless. Contactless payment systems were built for the busy consumer. Help speed up transaction times, reduce the need for cash and cards, and ensure secure payments with contactless payments through your phone.

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