From headsets to stethoscopes, everyday items are becoming smarter.
Use Bluetooth to go wireless with your devices.

Bluetooth in Action

Audio and Calling

Your phone is your personal assistant, get connected and communicate wirelessly.
Perfect for going handsfree.

Audio and Calling

Medical and Health

Bluetooth technology is perfect for wireless medical and health devices. It provides contextual data while keeping it safe and secure.

Medical and Health

Sport and Fitness

Heart rate trackers, sleep monitors, watches and pedometers are just a few of the devices using Bluetooth to help track fitness goals.

Sport and Fitness


MyZone approached us with a brief for an app which pulled heart rate data from MyZone's Bluetooth-enabled fitness tracking belt, optimised for launch on iOS and Android phones. The app needed to provide users with a comprehensive look at their workouts as well a unique experience.


To ensure MyZone's hardware would integrate smoothly with the app, we worked closely with the manufacturer to develop clean Bluetooth protocols. The app collects data from the MyZone belt during exercise, recording stats on how efficient the workout has been and the user’s progress over time.


The app has been very well received by MyZone's customers. The ability to gather data while away from your phone has proven a popular feature, as many athletes aren't within range of their phone during a workout. The app is currently available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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