The Future of Health is Here, and it's Mobile

Why mHealth?

The way patients and practitioners interact is changing.

Healthcare is facing a range of problems, making a call for more focus on self-health management, and patient control.

It's within this expanding market that you can take an existing healthcare service, or a brand new digital product, and take it mobile.

What are it's Capabilities?

A truly intuitive platform for any healthcare service.

Using agile development allows us to create almost anything in iOS and Android, from medical platforms to fitness apps.

With the added option to integrate with GoogleFit and Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit, it's all available to you, and that's where we come in.

Our Experience

We have a wide breadth of experience working within the mHealth sector, from BLE connected devices, to mental health self-management. Our inside knowledge gives our apps a specialist edge which we incorporate into every project.

Diet & Exercise Tracking

Let users visualise their fitness success

Whether its a food log, or an activity tracker, users love to see their health and fitness journey in a clear, concise and connected environment. Thats where apps come in.

The perfect naturally interactive and
always-connected motivational tool, Diet & Exercise Tracking apps are proving themselves to be a lasting favourite with a wide range of users.

Condition Management

Give Patients Control

As healthcare moves forward, so does the way in which we track and treat various conditions. Patients are requiring interactive and innovative new ways to manage their conditions and move towards self-care within a clinical environment.

The possibilities for condition management apps and portals are endless. Always connected and always controlled, patient facing apps give users the opportunity to manage and track their condition, with the data being sent back to their medical professionals. The perfect way for healthcare to move forward.

BLE Devices & Wearables

Go wireless with your devices

More and more devices are getting connected, whether they're medical or fitness focussed. From sleep trackers, to stethoscopes, heart rate trackers to pedometers, devices are using Bluetooth for the next level of
connected healthcare.

BLE Devices allow users to track their fitness progress, whilst providing contextual data in a safe and secure Bluetooth environment,
for optimum connectivity.

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