This is iOS

With its intuitive interface and individual design principles,
take your app to the next level by having it built natively on iOS.

Unique Interface

Building natively on iOS allows our designers to take full-power of iPhone and iPad.

Unique Interface

Expertly Developed

Your app development will be in safe hands with our team of specialist iOS developers.

Expertly Developed

Distinctive Design

Our designers use only the latest iOS design principles, to ensure the very best UX for your app.

Distinctive Design

The Possibilities

Our experience in app development spans across a wide range of industries and sectors, from Health to Marketing. Take full advantage of iOS with an app for any purpose.

Our Experience

We love the diversity which comes with building mobile apps. No idea is too big for the team here at Roller. Let us bring your idea to life.

iOS 10

iOS 10 will arrive with a lot of improvements. From split screen views, to extended battery life, iOS 10 boasts a whole host of new features which could enhance your app. Our team of dedicated iOS developers will ensure sure you make the most of all the latest features.


Apple's HealthKit collects all types of health data, including daily steps, calories burned, heart rate, and running speed. Connect your app to HealthKit to push and pull vital data and create a comprehensive, contextual view for your user.


Be with your customers wherever they go, take your app to the Apple Watch. It's not just Health and Fitness apps which have found their home on the Apple Watch, we're seeing more and more industries benefitting from this latest technology. Stay with your customers 24/7.

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