Bridge the gap, and put your app on every platform.
We use PhoneGap to build hybrid apps which not only work across all platforms,
but are optimised for the platform you're viewing it on.

What is PhoneGap?

Hybrid Platform

Phonegap's open source framework allows us to create mobile apps using standardised web APIs, putting your app on every platform.

Hybrid Platform

Reach Everyone

Using PhoneGap will allow you to engage with the widest possible audience, as your app will be available on all platforms.

Reach Everyone

Plug In

PhoneGap plugs in to a whole host of systems and easily adds functionality so your app
needn’t stand alone.

Plug In


PET-Xi are one of the largest training providers in the UK, offering GCSE's and GCSE equivalents through intensive motivational programmes, so naturally they sought technology which would help them engage with their students. PET-Xi commissioned us to an
'Xplosive GCSE Maths Study' app.


The app contains a vast amount of information, but keeping it fun and interactive was key for student engagement. We developed the app using a hybrid approach, incorporating HTML5 and PhoneGap to produce a native-style app on both
Android and iOS.


PET-Xi were delivered an interactive, attractive and engaging app for their users to study with. Using bright colours and an informal interface meant that the content was well presented and could be easily navigated. Using PhoneGap ensured that the app was optimised for use on any mobile device.

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