Full service VR app development. We create immersive 360° virtual experiences, giving you a truly unique and interactive brand engagement opportunity.

HoloLens App Development

Powered by Windows 10, the HoloLens offers a unique opportunity to showcase holographic computing with gaze, gesture, and voice recognition. With the power to bring holographic images to life, the possibilities are almost endless with the mixed reality of HoloLens.


Take advantage of Windows 10, and connect with built-in apps in a new augmented reality (AR) or
holographic dimension.


See your work as you build it, physically explore your ideas, and let your imagination run wild
with holograms.


Explore new and innovative opportunities for your business, with possibilities for every industry from architecture to gaming.

Oculus Rift Development

With its advanced display technology and optics designed just for VR, the Oculus Rift is one of the most stunning devices to take your VR project to. Whether you're looking to develop a groundbreaking new game, or a commercial experience for your clients, we can help you realise your VR potential on one of the first platforms around.

Superior Gaming

Give your players something truly unique, and put them in the action. With such a wide and diverse range of opportunities, we'll ensure your game reaches its full potential.

Immersive Video

Whether it's a simple 360° video, or a completely immersive experience, utilise the Rift's presence features with precise motion tracking and
enhanced sound.

Social VR

Unlike on other devices, the Rift isn't just about immersive games and 360° videos. Be one of the first innovators to develop a social focussed
VR application.

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