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iOS & Android app

Project Overview


iOS & Android app


Native build, Objective-C, Java



The Goal

E-sign is s digital service which enables its users to add a signature and verify documents in the most secure way. The client had a pre-existing website and wanted to expand their reach through developing a mobile app.  

The Process

The app launched in a time period when fingerprint sensors had just been added to mobile devices. In order to add security to the signing process, we implemented touch ID. We also enabled the user to embed a unique QR code into PDF documents, all completed through the app. Additionally, the app allowed for a variety of uploads through Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and email.


We followed an agile process, during which we completed the wireframing, created designs and iterated with the client to ensure that the app responded to their criteria. Carefully translating a pre-existing digital product on mobile with all the necessary features to make the app intuitive and effective.

The Outcome

Roller extended the services offered by E-Sign to the mobile platform with an easy-to-use and engaging app. We followed the client brief closely to deliver a functional and intuitive mobile app. The app mirrors the existing E-Sign system of co-signing documents with others or requesting an online signature from third parties in a simple and secure process.

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