We have all the resources in house to take your app idea from start to finish


Designed, Developed, Delivered

Taking your idea, we’ll transform any concept into a final product that is engaging, dynamic and fluid in its UX/UI. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, our departments work in synergy to create bespoke applications that drive and sustain growth.

  • AR Apps

    Augmented Reality is drastically changing the way we engage with the world. Our team of designers and developers help businesses leverage the power of Augmented Reality technologies to embrace this digital transformation.

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  • IOS

    Our iOS developers build mobile native applications using the latest technology standards and stacks, with forward thinking approaches that create outstanding mobile applications across a range of industries.

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  • Ionic

    Ionic is a powerful framework used to build hybrid mobile apps in a faster and more efficient way. Using one technology, one codebase and multiple devices, we can build you application quicker using the latest Ionic 4.

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  • Android

    Our industry-leading developers are at the forefront of Android development, bringing you the latest in advancements to ensure a polished product that utilises the full capabilities of the Android platform.

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Our Process

Discovery Design Development Delivery

We take time to observe and learn what your aims are as a business. We take all your ideas and turn them into purpose and intent.
Each and every concept is tailored to our individual clients. We design all of our app prototypes from the ground up, including you in the process to ensure we’re on track before moving onto development.
We use the best stack combination along with dynamic software development processes to deploy applications that deliver what you want, in the best possible way.
Our process is a continuous cycle which assures rapid delivery of each and every application. Our focus is on quality, ensuring that your app is launched successfully. We actively monitor and evaluate your resulting impact, ensuring minimized issues once released.
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Let's Work Together

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Roller Agency Development

Roller work with a range of clients, from small startups to established companies. All of our clients require unique approaches, which is why we pride ourselves on our agile abilities that create bespoke and individual products. Our team of skilled designers and marketers can support in the creation of your initial product design and strategy, using our experience in the industry and data-driven research to highlight opportunities for the concept of your application. Using customer-centric models, we make informed UI and UX decisions to optimise your design and develop a custom built product.

Combining years of UX, UI and development experience makes each project we create unique. We care deeply about how your users interact with our products and the journey which they take. 

Why Develop a Mobile Application For Your Brand?

Mobile apps are ideal for reaching a huge portion of your audience and increasing the recognition of your brand. Creating a tailored mobile app gives you a robust foundation to increase visibility within mobile app stores, allowing you to grow and develop your brand online. By creating a programme tailored to a mobile platform, you can take advantage of the unique features each device has to offer, including interaction and behaviours, such as responsive actions like swiping and tapping.

Grow Your Brand Online With Mobile Apps

Today, smartphones are the most preferred technology device, demonstrating the importance of developing a strong brand presence across a variety of platforms. Search engines now weight online visibility on a mobile-first basis. For you as a business, it is important for you to invest time and money into a strong mobile strategy, of which apps play a fundamental role. These days consumers not only expect basic applications, they expect the functionality and hub of content and engagement value to be the best it can be.  Become thought leaders and embrace mobile app development with the support of our creative experts.

Deliver Consumer-Led Mobile App Experiences

Ideal for ambitious brands, mobile applications are perfect for creating immersive experiences that have capabilities beyond the typical desktop application. You could be creating the next ‘buzz app’ with fun games, rewarding loyalty features and exclusive content. By creating mobile apps you can generate and increase business awareness, putting your brand at the forefront of consumer engagement.   

Why Roller For Mobile App Development?

At Roller, we provide a range of design and development services across multiple operating system platforms including Android and iOS. We use the most innovative development frameworks and systems including Flutter, a native UI framework, and Ionic, an SDK (software development kit) which support both native and hybrid app development. We also specialise in developing hybrid applications using React Native, and Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games that can be deployed across mobile, desktop and VR/AR devices. Our industry-leading expertise guarantees you a quality product that brings your vision to life