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Augmented Reality is drastically changing the way we engage with the world. AR can provide a new dimension and immersive experience to users, giving your brand a competitive advantage. Delivered across both hybrid and native IOS and Android platforms, our developers deliver augmented reality experiences that users love and actively engage with.


Longer consumer engagement

1 Bil

Augmented Reality users by 2020


Million AR apps have been built using Apple’s ARKit

4 x

Higher revenue than virtual reality

Our Skills

Helping businesses explore AR potential

space invaders - AR Apps

Unity and Vuforia Development

Utilising the design and app development skills we hold in house, along with modern iterations of AR kit and AR core, we can bring existing multiplayer Augmented Reality experiences to life.  As technology progresses with phone hardware capabilities, more devices are becoming capable of running AR applications.  With strong native support from both Apple and Google, tools like Unity and Vuforia allow the seamless creation of cross-platform multiplayer AR apps using cloud anchors.  Prototypes like these demonstrate our strong capabilities in-house to develop unity based augmented reality games and apps that are forward-thinking and engaging. See more

Your future will be Augmented and you won’t even know it...

DSF9860  300x300 - AR Apps
Marlon XR Unity Developer

Our Ethos

Start strong Not good, great Cheerful people Avant-garde Human-centred design

Every project starts with us immersing ourselves in our clients business. We look at the fundamental factors behind the new product vision, which allows us to really understand your people and process.
We don’t do good; we only do great. We strive to design, develop and deliver awe-inspiring mobile applications and web platforms that both us and you are proud off.
Happy employees mean exceptional work. Be it our managing director, developers, designers, or marketing team, being exceptional runs in our DNA.
We fuse together our experience with innovative ideas to deliver authentic and bespoke apps that are agile, attractive and adapted to fit user expectations.
Great design stimulates and encourages action. All of our designs are influenced through a deep understanding of your brand, your customers, the aim of the application and your users journeys.
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Immersive Realities

Immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer new solutions for companies across a range of industries.  Brands are now integrating IR into their value proposition, customer experience, and marketing communications. Utilising this new, exciting and expanding technology through VR/AR apps, prototyping, and your marketing campaigns, we can help you become masters of your industry.

AR Apps

The most affordable and achievable means of Immersive Reality for consumers and brands. AR Apps are the most affordable and achievable means of IR for both consumer and brands.  App development is our forte, with a strong library of case studies behind us that have brought us a wealth of experience. Combining our in-house AR app developers and design team, we deliver exceptional results that will have a lasting impact on your target audience.

AR developers’ toolkits that Roller use are constantly being enriched with new tools and frameworks. With the likes of Apple’s ARKit and Googles ARCore, it allows for easier deployment onto specific devices. These types of kits have brought capabilities that enhance our list of services that we can provide to you, enabling us to create cutting-edge, tailored solutions for you.   


What is Augmented Reality? (AR)

AR adds digital elements to a live view, often used through smartphone cameras. Examples of AR experiences include the well known Snapchat lenses and the popular game Pokemon Go. Rather than replacing the real world with a simulated alternative, like VR, AR enhances the current space around the user and adjusts it for a deeper, 3D illusion. Augmented Reality has slowly been incorporated into a range of different industries and technologies. The integration of AR into already existing apps is extremely affordable and achievable and is regularly used to boost engagement with physical products / print and online experiences.

Creating AR experiences

AR experiences help to provide a more engaging and immersive application. Although AR applications may require tailored solutions, we have the ability to implement them into your pre-existing app. Once we have gone through our initial design phases, we can create vast amount of existing 3D content, which can then be converted into the right format for you.

Our AR developers’ toolkits are constantly being enriched with new tools and frameworks. Apple’s ARKit and Googles ARCore allows for easier deployment onto specific devices.

Unity Framework

Unity is a cross-platform games engine with a development environment integrated. Unity can be used to create both 2D and 3D games, including a wide range of tools and features which simplify and support the development process of games.  This enables our developers to export their products to 27 separate platforms with ease. Unity has the greatest market share out of all the other game engines, with the largest developer community backing. This has resulted in a wealth of resources to inspire, improve and support our developers to create apps that bring brands to the forefront of their industry.

AR App Development Services

Our highly-skilled team can support in the creation of your initial product design and strategy, using our experience in the industry and data-driven research to highlight opportunities for the concept of your application. Using customer-centric models, we make informed UI and UX decisions to optimise your design. At Roller our efficient service covers end-to-end project management for your product. We can assist you with a range of AR App services including:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • UX and UI
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Consultancy

Grow Your Business With Mobile-First

Search engines have now moved over to a mobile-first philosophy, looking favourably on brands and domains that are mobile responsive, and placing a huge visibility weighting on mobile performance. Consumers expect all the information from your desktop domain to be available in mobile format, without compromising on user experience. Roller can deliver that for you in a concise and highly responsive application that can run across all devices.

Engage Customers With Dynamic Content

Create the next viral game, or reward your audience with additional exclusive content. Mobile apps are the perfect way to generate continued interest and loyalty with your brand amongst consumers, and our skilled developers are experienced at producing a cutting-edge product that will generate a buzz. Our dynamic AR solutions help your brand stand out and get you noticed in the marketplace. We create high performing mobile experiences that engage your audience and solidify brand loyalty and reputation. Our experts equip your product with the features it needs to rank well in the Google Play Store and Apple stores. Using sleek design and clean coding, we bring your vision to life and ensure that it gets noticed in a crowded marketplace.

AR App Development For All Industries

Android and IOS’ flexible programming solutions make it ideal for businesses of any industry to easily implement and integrate AR functionalities into existing business operations. Our experts have developed applications for industries including business, shopping, education, travel, health and fitness, lifestyle and the entertainment sectors. Take a look at our most recent case studies here. 

Why Roller For AR App Development?

Mobile app development is our specialty and our native and cross-platform apps are all user-centric, built entirely with your audience and user experience flow in mind. We craft smooth and responsive applications that are focused to achieve your business goals. With a strong library of case studies behind us that have brought us a wealth of experience, combined with our immersive reality developers, our agency can deliver exceptional results that will have a lasting impact on your target audience. As a creative agency, we understand how to leverage both rich functionality and engaging design in order to achieve exceptional user experience. For us to take your vision and turn it into a winning product, we have a number of stages that we take you through. From initial discovery, UI/UX design, development, testing and finally, deployment we can carry your project from start to finish.

Roller is ready

Choosing the right development agency is critical in ensuring you have a product that will stand the test of time. Our industry-leading development team place the customer at the heart of our entire process, delivering a UX-led product that will impress your audience and cultivate a loyal following. We craft sleek and responsive applications that are focused to achieve your business goals. Our developers will assign you the perfect technology stack for your application, creating a high performing product that will help your brand become more visible in its industry.

Project Management

At Roller, our project management team will ensure that your AR App is executed with the due diligence and care it deserves. Our Managing Director oversees all account management to ensure project efficiency and co-managed by our head of production. You will be invited into our Jira and Slack system for complete clarity and progress updates with the ability to communicate with us immediately. This allows seamless updates and gives you instant contact to your direct lines within the team.

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