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One codebase. Any platform.

The Ionic platform provides you with the best of both worlds, one development process, deployed across multiple platforms. Through the open source mobile SDK frameworks our developers can dive into the native functionalities of each platform, creating high spec apps simultaneously for multiple mobile platforms and devices.

4 mil

+ apps built using ionic

£41 b

predicted market growth by 2020

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industries for Ionic development are events, business, food & drink, shopping


years experience in the industry

Ionic makes it easy to build UI components with a native look and feel, while only having to maintain one code base

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Our Ethos

Start Strong Not good, great Cheerful people Avant-garde Human-centred design

Every project starts with us immersing ourselves in our clients business. We look at the fundamental factors behind the new product vision, this allows us to really understand your people and process.
We don’t do good; we only do great. We strive to design, develop and deliver awe-inspiring mobile applications and web platforms that both us and you are proud off.
Happy employees mean exceptional work. Be it our managing director, developers, designers, or marketing team, being exceptional runs in our DNA.
We fuse together our experience with innovative ideas to deliver authentic and bespoke apps that are agile, attractive and adapted to fit user expectations.
Great design stimulates and encourages action. All of our designs are generated by user journeys and the success to of using the application and built on an in depth understanding of your business, your customers and the aim of the application.
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The Ionic Framework for Apps

The Ionic frameworks’ main advantage is that it provides a choice of UI elements throughout development. AngularJS provides application structure along with the JavaScript based Angular framework which allows our developers to build high performance mobile apps using the Ionic platform. With the support of CSS and Javascript, there is greater opportunity for customisations of buttons, menus and colour schemes. Ionic also supports strong material design providing distinctive UI that will ensure your brand sticks in the minds of the consumer, leading to positive actions.

React Native and Flutter

As hybrid platforms, React Native and Flutter enable single versions of an app to be built and deployed across multiple mobile devices using both IOS and Android operating systems. Using React Native hybrid apps have the ability to load high-definition graphics and content quickly.  Similar to native, they then seamlessly integrate into other applications and services such as messaging, camera and GPS to ensure an effortless user experience that is agile and consistent throughout. Flutter, the Google App SDK (software development kit) is a framework to supports hybrid development, using a single code structure, for both iOS and Android apps.

Together with the capabilities of Flutter and the visual appeal of the design, we can build a digital experience for your consumers to enjoy, make it an app that they want to return to use on a daily basis.   

What is Ionic development?

Roller can provide you with an all-in-one mobile app development solution, using the Ionic framework. We develop mobile applications that are engaging and polished for all kinds of devices. By using the dynamic Ionic framework, we design and develop exclusive mobile apps that offer a unique user experience to your customers.   

Why choose a cross-platform app?

Developing an app using the Ionic mobile framework provides your business with the capacity to expand easily without developing a whole new application. Our applications built using the Ionic framework have the ability to support the deployment to the Apple and Google Play stores. This can result in your app reaching a larger customer base quicker and with less cost.

Get Noticed In The App Marketplace

Due to the adaptability of using the Ionic platform for mobile application development, the resolution that we can provide you will help your brand stand out and get noticed in the marketplace. Being present on multiple platforms at once, will also provide you with maximum visibility to a wider client base. All our applications are created to an exceptional standard presenting you with a product that will engage your audience and strengthen brand loyalty and reputation. Implementing sleek design and clean coding, we bring your vision to life and guarantee that it gets noticed across all chosen platforms.   

Ionic Development For All Industries

Ionic is an all-inclusive framework solution, making it ideal for most industries to easily implement and integrate into existing business operations. Growing from the digital health space and education sectors we’ve also designed outstanding apps for the the Apple and Google play stores within a variety of industries. Our clients range from large enterprises to SME’s, small startups and entrepreneurs. Some of our most established sectors include healthcare, education, travel, fitness, and e-commerce. With a whole host of experience across our departments, we have the expertise to bring your project to life. Take a look at our case studies

Roller is ready

Choosing the right development agency is critical in ensuring you have a product that will stand the test of time. Our industry-leading Ionic development team place the customer at the heart of our entire process, delivering a UX-led product that will impress your audience and cultivate a loyal following. We craft sleek and responsive applications that are focused to achieve your business goals.

Our developers will assign you the perfect technology stack for your application, creating a high performing product that will have your brand recognised by peers in your industry. Own award-winning applications that deliver outstanding customer experiences with the help of our team today.

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