Digital Design

We craft, create and innovate.


A modern, human-centered approach

Combining your requirements with our creative expertise we’ll help you become unique in your competitive market place. Whether it’s through web, app or print platforms, we create compelling designs and memorable experiences that will encourage your audiences to engage, act and return, building lasting relationships with your brand, product or service.

Our Process

Discovery UX Wireframing & Prototyping Creative Handover

Our first port of call is to gain a true understanding of you. Your brand, your market, your products and your users. We take time to observe and learn what your aims are as a business through data, workshops, interviews and experience.
At this stage we review the current user experience, finding pain points along the way. Through this review we aim to understand your current user interactions and decision across devices and platforms. These are broken down into affinity, data and journey mapping.
Exploring hierarchy and structure we create concept sketches and low / high fidelity sketches. These are then user tested and reviewed with the development team.
Working from system architecture and sitemaps we create screen design, adding in the style, look, and feel derived from previous research. Designs are created inline with above stages, taking into consideration the user groups, journeys needed, and desired end goals.
With client approval we then hand over all to development who create a functionality specification and begin their process.
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What is Digital Design?

Our UX and UI designers evaluate, improve and design applications and websites that are both responsive and user-friendly. Looking at your business goals we tailor your product to move users into a predefined funnel of intended journeys, actions, and behaviors.

Digital Design Services

Our creative UX and UI design team support in the creation of your initial product design and strategy, using our experience in the industry and data-driven research to highlight opportunities for the concept of your chosen platform. Using customer-centric models, we make informed UI and UX decisions to optimise your design. At Roller our efficient service covers end-to-end project management for your product. We can assist you with a range of services including:


  • Strategy
  • Design
  • UX and UI
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Consultancy

Why use digital design?

Digital design is now one the most used design service for marketing channels, as it can provide immediate results whilst being extremely cost effective.  We make each product unique to you and your brand, harnessing creativity through a developer mindset to reach an end goal that is both achievable and effective. Through insight and data driven approach we’re able to effectively engage your customers through an unforgettable digital experience.

Measurable Results

We’re known widely for our unique blend of high-quality design and app development services. Now expanding to web and games development we have a plethora of skills within our teams that have a track record of creating outstanding products.

Insight led design services

As a relatively young company, we’re at the top of our trends and insights game. We’re keen learners, developing our skills as employees and our services as a brand to ensure our clients become thought leaders in their industry. Whether it’s new design trends or a new coding language, we provide a top-level service that builds brands with powerful and unique websites and mobile apps.

Digital design for your industry

We work with great companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative and inspiring customer experiences. Our designers have created products for industries including business, shopping, education, travel, health and fitness, lifestyle and the entertainment sectors. Take a look at our most recent case studies here.

Roller is ready

Choosing the right design and development agency is critical in ensuring you have a product that will stand the test of time. Our industry-leading UX design team place the customer at the heart of our entire process, delivering a UX-led product that will impress your audience and cultivate a loyal following. We craft sleek and responsive applications that are focused to achieve your business goals.


Choosing the right development agency is critical in ensuring you have a product that will stand the test of time. Our industry-leading development team place the customer at the heart of our entire process, delivering a UX-led product that will impress your audience and cultivate a loyal following. We design sleek and responsive products that are focused to achieve your business goals.

Project Management

High-level project management along with an experienced team are vital tools in our process, ensuring each client gets the time and focus they need.  Our managing director, head of production, design, and assigned project managers all take an active role in client work, establishing each client’s requirements and assigning project tasks.  We use a variety of tools that help us to keep track of the project and client needs. In our experience, this combination of tools ensures seamless tracking and execution of projects to create high-quality results.

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