We put the user at the core of every product

Our process is simple, we put the user at the core of every project. By moulding together your requirements along with our creative expertise and flare we can help you become unique in your competitive marketplace.   Delivering a variety of creative solutions, each and every step of the UX process is strategically researched and planned to ensure we deliver the right experience for your users. 

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Our UX Process

  1. We aim to collaborate with you to uncover user needs and business goals (and the sweet spot areas where the two overlap).
  2. We build out features and functions contained within the site, system or application.
  3. We then tackle the structure, outlining all the places users can go, organised within context.
  4. Then, we optimise. The skeleton, or visual elements, are layered on the structure in the most intuitive way.
  5. UI is then layered on top. All the things the user interacts with, images, text, buttons etc are curated. 
  6. Finally, we test with real users, collate their feedback and loopback. Ensuring the initial strategy is always in mind before making changes. 
ux process - UX