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No website stays the same forever, which is why it’s not only important to create effective web platforms, but to maintain them. Choosing the right content management system for you is a vital part of our process. Tried and tested, Craft CMS is now our go to platform that comes with a plethora of benefits.


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Kidz Diretc.

Location Targeted App & Online Portal

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Helping parents and children discover activities around the world

The aim of this project was to provide parents of young children with a guide of activities and events in targeted locations around Malaysia.  Using Craft CMS we built a portal that enables businesses to list themselves, their events and promotions so that parents can view them within the app, which we also developed. Through this unique platform, businesses within a particular region can, therefore, better target and promote their events and activities. Read more

Craft is by far the best CMS I have ever used, for both development and content management.

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Harry Web Developer

Our Ethos

Start strong Transparent Cheerful people Human-centred design Lets collaborate

Every project starts with us immersing ourselves in our clients business. We look at the fundamental factors behind the new product vision, which allows us to really understand your people and process.
We collaborate with all of our clients, keeping them up to date with how their project is progressing, if there is a problem, you will be notified.
Happy employees mean exceptional work. Be it our managing director, developers, designers, or marketing team, being exceptional runs in our DNA.
Great design stimulates and encourages action. All of our designs are generated by user journeys and the success to of using the application and built on an in depth understanding of your business, your customers and the aim of the platform.
At Roller, we believe in collaboration. Our teams are in constant communication with each other. We work hand-in-hand with you in order to move in the right direction at a rapid pace.
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Benefits of Craft

With over 10 years of web development experience, we’ve developed and built a lot of websites which has given us experience in a variety of platforms and technologies. Your choice of CMS is one of the most important decisions in the website development process, and one that we can help you make based on our technical experience and your business needs. Craft cms is regularly our go-to platform as it’s flexible and user-friendly, giving us the ability to create custom online digital experiences, without limitations.

These benefits include:

  • Simple and flexible content creation, layout, organization, and management features
  • Ability to manage multiple types of content together in a single section with entry types
  • Simple and intuitive backend – dynamic fields such as WYSIWYGs, file uploads, and data pickers are crafted specifically to be easy to use and functional across all devices
  • Extremely secure
  • Can manage your content authors and managers by creating custom user groups with completely customizable permissions on a single user or user group.
  • Has an impressive live preview with sharing for easy feedback
  • No limit for designers which means more creative freedom from a layout and design perspective.

Popular CMS solutions

Our web developers have experience and knowledge in a variety of content management systems, meaning we can provide the perfect solution to fit you. While the most popular CMS is WordPress, our developers are trained to create stunning websites in a variety of systems that are growing rapidly in the digital market space including our most recommended Craft and Shopify. Our CMS experience includes:

  • WordPress
  • Craft
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Shopify


Each CMS has its own benefits which we draw upon to find the most suitable system for your requirements. Based on your business goals, resources, budget and desired features, we can scope out your project and align a solution that is completely tailored to you.

What Is A CMS?

A content management system (CMS for short) is software or a set of programs that manage digital content. This includes the creation and modification of website content. Your CMS will provide you with a lot of features, such as SEO-friendly URLS, user functionality, plug-ins, design templates and more. The CMS pulls this all together in an easy-to-navigate user interface.

The Benefits Of A CMS

There are many benefits to utilising a CMS. The system makes it easier to create new aspects of your website or upgrade existing ones, providing a uniformed template for a consistent feel. By reducing the need to code again from scratch it also speeds up the process of making amends or growing the site, saving you time and money. The easy-use format means that you can make changes to your website without the need for any technical knowledge. We’ve tried and tested a range of CMS’s and recommend each web client based on its relevant benefits.

Our consultants are happy to provide any training to your team as they familiarise themselves with the system.

What To Expect

At Roller, we manage your project efficiently, giving you a smooth and hassle-free experience as we create a robust CMS that will future proof your website for years to come. Our team work closely alongside you to ensure that your CMS can incorporate all of your desired website features and that your team are fully-trained in how to get the most out of your new content management system. Initially, we’ll work with you to scope out your website functionality requirements, before recommending a tailored solution to fit these needs. Once your website and CMS has been built, tested and launched, we can provide ongoing support through training, upgrades and maintenance.

Why Roller For Your Craft CMS Builds?

Our developers hold experience in a range of content management systems including WordPress, Craft, Magento, Drupal and Shopify, enabling us to set you up on a system that works best for you and your company. Our team work exhaustively to meet deadlines and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding projects that exceed customer expectations. Just take a look at some of our most successful projects, here. [link to case studies]

Front-End Development For All Industries

Our bespoke front-end solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. We work with a range of companies, from blue chip organisations to small start-ups and medium-sized businesses. We have a portfolio that spans domains in the education, travel, health and fitness sector and more. Our successful projects give you the peace of mind that your project is in safe hands. See for yourself, here

Not sure which CMS to use for you new website?

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