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Effective front-end development is crucial in creating a website that encourages positive interactions and consumer trust. Our front-end developers work closely with our UX and UI team on each unique project to create smooth and engaging experiences. Utilising frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js and React, our developers have become creative problem solvers and agile workers. Experts in everything HTML, CSS, and JS, we create quick results tailored to your brand’s digital needs.


of users prefer to read something beautifully designed than something plain


seconds for users to form an opinion about your website


of users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website.

£1.73 b

in lost retailers sales each year due to low-loading websites

Robin Hood Energy

'Gas and electricity accounts; easily accessed, easily managed'

Robin Hood Energy - Web platform

Web Portal

A platform aimed at business and commercial customers, this portal has been designed and developed to allow customers to easily manage their energy bills and accounts. From the initial meeting, we worked closely with the client to ensure the right outcome was achieved; a web portal for commercial customers to manage their gas and electricity. The Angular6 framework was used in conjunction with Typescript to build the frontend for this service. This allowed the frontend to be built server-less in scalable and maintainable Javascript code, designed to run anywhere. The fundamental UI elements were built into the web app and then refined and interconnected to produce the polished final product. Read More

Users ignore design that ignores people, you’ve not only got to be innovative in your approach to design but in the way you build it!

IMG 5119 300x300 - Frontend
Jordan Senior App Developer

Our Ethos

Start strong Not good, great Cheerful people Avant-garde Human-centred design

Every project starts with us immersing ourselves in our clients business. We look at the fundamental factors behind the new product vision, which allows us to really understand your people and process.
We don’t do good; we only do great. We strive to design, develop and deliver awe-inspiring design, mobile applications and web platforms that both us and you are proud off.
Happy employees mean exceptional work. Be it our managing director, developers, designers, or marketing team, being exceptional runs in our DNA.
We fuse together our experience with innovative ideas to deliver authentic and bespoke designs that are attractive and adapted to fit your user expectations.
Great design stimulates and encourages action. All our designs and later our product development stages are generated by user journeys and intended behaviours. Each of our services are built from an in depth understanding of your business, your customers and the aim of your platform.
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Stand Out

Make your website stand out with Roller’s dynamic front-end development techniques. Our industry-leading development brings any vision to life on the screen, no matter how complex.

Creative Front-End Development

Our front-end-focussed developers showcase the latest in visual web projects, creating truly stunning websites that will tell your brand story and engage your audience. We focus on the granular details of each website, creating masterpieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Why Invest In High Quality Front-End Development?

Effective front-end development is crucial to creating a website that encourages positive interactions and consumer trust. The front-end design is the first thing your audience will see when they land on the website and has the power to make them bounce straight off or guide them through into a conversion. Our bespoke front-end packages ensure that you finish with a highly responsive sleek design that creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of your users. Our chosen tech stack ensures that your website will run smoothly and future proofs your domain for years to come.

Cutting-Edge Features

Front-end development gives your website the capabilities to create a stunning masterpiece. We’re experienced at adding twists to your website – small features that will help it stand out from the crowd. Parallaxes and 3D roll-overs are just some of the effective features we can incorporate into your landing pages. We use the latest modern advancements to ensure that your website is fresh on the market and sets you apart from competitors.

User-Experience Focussed

Our websites are designed entirely with the end user in mind. Our front-end developers work closely with our UX and UI design team throughout the entire development process, testing and analysing performance to ensure it aligns with your brand’s customer journey. Our experts ensure that the customer experience is outstanding throughout every interaction touch point on the website.

What Is Front-End Development?

Websites consist of two aspects of development: back-end and front-end. Back-end focuses on the functionality of the site, coding the parts your visitors will never see. Front-end covers the visual presentation of your website – bringing the design to life.

Front-End Development For All Industries

Growing from the digital health space and education sectors we’ve also designed outstanding apps for the Apple store across a variety of industries. Our clients range from large enterprises to SME’s, small startups and entrepreneurs. Some of our most established sectors include healthcare, education, travel, fitness, and e-commerce. With a whole host of experience across our departments, we have the expertise to bring your project to life. Take a look at our recent case studies.

Why Roller For Front-End Development?

Our team delivers a smoothly-managed project that will exceed your expectations! Our front-end developers work closely with our UX and UI team on each unique project, delivering a website that will engage your audience at every step of the customer journey – from their initial visit to continued customer loyalty. Utilising frameworks such as Angular, Vue and React our developers have become creative problem solvers and agile workers.  As experts in everything HTML, CSS, and JS we are able to create quick results tailored to your brands digital needs.

Our developers likewise assign you the perfect technology stack for your application, creating a high performing product that will have your brand achieve its goals and become masters of your industry.

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