Robin Hood Energy - Web platform

Robin Hood Energy

Providing a web platform to enable Robin Hood Energy's commercial customers to easily manage their accounts
Web Platform
Robin Hood Energy - Web platform


A platform is aimed at business and commercial customers, this portal has been designed and developed to allow customers to easily manage their energy bills and accounts.

Robin Hood Energy - Web platform


Robin Hood Energy enlisted Roller to design and develop a portal for the management of energy usage for their commercial customers. The web portal will essentially allow customers to manage there gas and electricity accounts. Customers will be able to carry out various tasks including viewing their accounts and bills, make payments, view messages directly from Robin Hood Energy and submit new meter readings.     

Robin Hood Energy - Web platform


From the initial meeting, we worked closely with the client to ensure the right outcome was achieved. To enable us to tailor the designs towards the right clientele, the initial design stage was a crucial part of the process to underpin the whole project. The fundamental UI elements were built into the web app and then refined and interconnected to produce the polished final product.


The Angular6 framework was used in conjunction with Typescript to build the frontend for this service. This allowed the frontend to be built server-less in scalable and maintainable Javascript code, designed to run anywhere.


ExpressJS, a framework built on top of NodeJS, was used to create a bespoke solution for the server-side portion of the web project, providing secure authentication, and allowing multiple simultaneous connections to ensure users can always access the service.